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Aug. 11th, 2007



Kitten lives on.

There are thirty-three candles lit for Kitten now. Which is wonderful. Well done to everyone who took the time.

I've also noticed that despite this community's paid account status disappearing, the paid-only layout remains. Which is fantastic. But I daren't mess with it. Not for even a moment, lest I not be able to return it to how it is now. I'm posting because I've been thinking about Breakfast on Pluto a lot, lately. Kitten certainly leaves a lasting impression.

Sometime soon, hopefully, I have another sad fic (because it's fascinating to find the sad inner thoughts of our outwardly cheery wondergal) to post, and maybe a 'Kitten Song' in the spirit of the Llama song. I also have plans (VERY LONG, in the... er... planning) for a Kitten music video.

Breakfast on Pluto 'does' live on. Through my pushing and devotion to Kitten, I've turned several people on to her... Who have turned on their friends to her... Who have turned on their boyfriends/husbands to her... Who have probably hid their love for Kitten, from the garish light of day, but who secretly smile at all her exploits, and find themselves calling Kitten 'her' in their minds. I've even convinced one or two people to tackle the book. It makes me happy to spread the love of Kitten.

Jul. 25th, 2007



*quietly enters*

Hey, I've just joined p_braden_updateand ima_pseudonymsuggested that I should have a look at this community and light a candle. Yeah, why not? After all, I'm completely in love with Kitten. She is an amazing woman. Or a man. Or... whatever. I found it quite interesting watching an interview with Cillian Murphy and the movie director. The director talked about Kitten as "he" whereas Cillian used the pronoun "she". I'm sorry, but I fail to see him as a man. She's such an incredible character, one of a kind. 
So... hello again!

Jul. 3rd, 2007

sexy animals



I have two Icony thingys to share with the lovely peoples of Church_o_ Kitten
Ok here goes these are my first so be brutal (only not too brutal)

I personaly don't think that the second is as good as the first but I thought that I'd throw it out there any way

May. 23rd, 2007

sexy animals



how Could you not love Miss Kitten. She is just the best thing since sliced bread

Mar. 16th, 2007

Godzilla Mart


My movie experience

In case you missed it on the profile page, 'Light a candle for Kitten.'

*ima_pseudonym* This is my work related LJ name... I just wanted to light another candle for Kitten. Speaking of which, this community's not entirely dead, I've realized. The last time I looked there were fifteen lit candles. Now there are twenty-one(not counting my latest).

So I'm going to issue a challenge (should anyone choose to accept it). The challenge is to write about the first time you saw Breakfast on Pluto. Where, and how? Did you dress up? Had you read the book? Downloaded the music? Who went with you? Were you bouncing off the walls? And lastly (but not least, darlings!) what was your initial impression.

Here's mine.Collapse )

Now I showed you mine, so show me yours. ^_~ Don't be shy!

Mar. 13th, 2007



Bit of info, and another story

I just paid two months on this community in the hopes that I could backdate my 'light a candle' entry. Apparently I cannot do that on a non personal journal. So I'll have to put a link up on the user page. I thought I might as well post another short story of mine, while I'm updating about the community's status. (Enjoy the paid account journal style while it lasts. ^_~)

Title: Honey
Pairing: None
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Belongs to McCabe and Sony Classic Films
Warning: Kitten abuse. Another sad story.

Honey"Collapse )


Three Hail Kittens and a commitment to change.

I begot this community, and have forsaken it. Fie! So, to make amends for my behavior. I offer loving tribute. In the form of fanfiction. Unfortunately, it is nothing new... But it is something.

Title: Me and Mrs. Jones
Pairing: Billy/Kitten
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Belongs to McCabe and Jordan, and Sony Classic Films.
Notes: I've been told that it made someone cry, so... Beware melancholy.

Me and Mrs. JonesCollapse )

Jul. 28th, 2006

Kitten Song


Welcome all

Poll #780487 Light a candle for Saint Kitten

Welcome to the First Church of Saint Kitten

Light a candle for Saint Kitten